The Revolution Theory

August 11, 2011 · Posted in Physical Supernatural 

First of all, I will ask you on how and why does the planet revolved around its surface even without any source of power to make it work?

Maybe you will say that its because of its natural rotation… But for me it has a proper definition.

In the first part we will discuss how the planet formed…

It is formed by a large masses of gas formed like a cloud on the galaxy.  It is so on called a nebula, inside that gas has a different kinds of elements to form a new substance.

After the planet was formed it will be throw out to the different dimensions to the solar systems which they will rely.

Did you know that there is a friction, that occurs even without gravity?

That friction is the reason why the planet revolved.

The very simple example revolution and rotation is simple as ::

  • Place a water in a cup
  • Stir it
  • You will notice that the water current continues rotating.

But because of gravity, it will stop.

In the galaxy there is no gravity that’s why the friction will continue forever. That’s the reason how and why does the planet revolved and rotate around its surface.

Thank you for reading my theory about revolution.

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  1. Kevin Yang on October 24th, 2012 3:15 am

    In space there if friction, but things can stop because of friction. Say if there was a space ship in space with its engines off. Then the side scrapes on a giant asteroid. The ship can stop (or at least slow down).
    By the way, there is gravity every where. Even if you go 1 trillion miles away from Earth, the Earth's gravity is still there. This is because the further you go, the rate of the gravity disappearing would become slower, therefore the gravity will never go away 😉
    But nice theory though.

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