School Popularity and Success: How Are They Correlated?

School Popularity and Success Are More Intertwined Than You Think

Recent discussion about school popularity and success, the correlation between the two, and where it will likely lead students in their future lives has been a topic of discussion lately thanks to a new report issued by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER).

The study, which you can find here, goes on to point out that those who were among the most popular students in high school often go on to earn up to 10 percent more than their peers over the next forty years.

This really discredits the idea that the nerds will inherit the earth, doesn’t it?

It’s something that, in a way, makes sense, but I feel like it’s worthy of further discussion nonetheless.

So keep reading to learn more about school popularity and success, what it potentially means, and what advice one might be able to take from all of this, regardless of age.

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The Effects of Advertising on Children: What is the Responsibility?

The Effects of Advertising and Children

Have you ever given much thought to the effects of advertising on children?

It’s an issue that warrants serious discussion for a number of reasons, the least of which is how advertising can influence the buying habits of children right now as well as when they become adults.

But is advertising to children beneficial or harmful? Should more be done in order to regulate it and make sure it falls within certain guidelines?

These are questions we’ll explore in this post, so keep reading to learn more about the effects of advertising on children and what it all could potentially mean.

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Car Insurance Black Box: Is It Right?

Do you know about the car insurance black box?

If you have a car that was made in the late 1990s or later, then it’s something that you should know about.

What is it? What does it do? Should it be something that you’re worried about?

These are questions that we’ll be looking at as we explore what many are calling the “car insurance black box”, so keep reading to learn more.

After you finish you’ll have a chance to weigh on these devices and whether or not their presence in your vehicle is justified.

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Law Enforcement Surveillance: How Much is Too Much?

Law Enforcement Surveillance on the Roads

It’s pretty easy for most people to dismiss law enforcement surveillance as something that they will never have to worry about because they aren’t involved in anything illegal, but is it all beginning to become too much?

This is a question that an increasing number of people are beginning to ask for a number of reasons and we’ll explore just why this is an issue that might raise some alarms. Keep reading to learn more about what’s happening in our world when it comes to law enforcement surveillance and you’ll have your chance to weigh in at the end.

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Reduce The Power Of Hurricanes

Here is how to reduce the power of hurricanes in order to save lives and money…

In order to reduce the power of hurricanes a grid of simple straw like tubes will pump cold water from the depths of the ocean to the top. The pumps will have multiple one-way valves inside that allow water to come in the bottom.

They would work by utilizing floats at the top of each straw that cause them to rise with the crest of waves, pulling the water inside up with them.

Then when the straw falls back down with the trough of the wave the water inside is forced out of the top. This would reduce water temperature and as a result reduce the power of an oncoming tropical storm.

These pumps would be possible to manufacture, maintain, and operate within a realistic budget. They could be designed with the ability to be turned on and off simply, and be coated in a noncorrosive material such as copper.

And most importantly could be placed in a very large web like grids that would provide support, prevent collisions, and could be deconstructed and moved either one by one or towed in sections.

Please let me know what you think! Thanks, Matt

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