Difference Between Vegetarian VS Vegan

I recently learned what a vegan is – and it sounded very similar to what I knew about vegetarians.  So now I wonder, what’s the difference between vegetarian vs vegan?

Here is what I know from talking to people and searching the web:  Vegetarians don’t eat meat, poultry, or fish.  So basically, they don’t eat animals right?

(I love the joke — “Will a vegetarian eat an animal cracker?” – hahaha that’s such a good question!)

A vegan will not eat anything that is a by product of an animal.  That is, they won’t eat meat, poultry, or fish, like a vegetarian, but they also won’t eat eggs, milk, cheese, etc.. anything that comes from an animal.

So the difference between vegetarians vs vegans is that vegans are hardcore vegetarians in that they have a more restricted diet.

Reason to Become Vegetarian or Vegan

In order to verify my theory that vegetarians are fake, let’s look at the reason(s) that one would become a vegetarian or vegan.

The main reason I can think of to become a vegetarian is because you believe in animal rights.  So, you don’t like how cows, chickens, and fish are treated when they are bred to be eaten by humans.

That’s fair, I understand that – animal rights is a good argument…

HERE IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN VEGANS AND VEGETARIANS and WHERE I GET MAD @ Vegetarians:  If you REALLY believe in animal rights – then shouldn’t you be against the way cows and chickens are treated when they are bred and raised for their by products (milk and eggs – and cheese which comes from milk).

So when I see a vegetarian eating an egg, I tell them that they are fake and don’t really have real morals or values!

Vegans on the other hand, are hardcore, strict vegetarians who wholeheartedly believe in animal rights.  I respect these people.

My theory is that you cannot just be a vegetarian, because there is no reason to be ONLY a vegetarian.  The difference between vegetarian vs vegan is huge, they are completely different things!

How do you feel about that?  Feel free to comment.

Cook or Eat Out – What to do!?

Have you ever wondered: should I cook or eat out tonight?

There cannot be a theory on which choice to make every time because there are always at least two uncontrollable variables… how many or which factors you are considering in your decision, and how you value those factors.

What factors do you consider when trying to make your decision?


Well, there are relatively healthy fast food options right?  Take Chick-Fil-A’s salad with light Italian dressing for example (a lot of sodium – as with any fast food).

There is no question that cooking some fresh food from the grocery store is the healthier option.

So to cook or eat out… Cook gets 1 point!
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