Reduce The Power Of Hurricanes

Here is how to reduce the power of hurricanes in order to save lives and money…

In order to reduce the power of hurricanes a grid of simple straw like tubes will pump cold water from the depths of the ocean to the top. The pumps will have multiple one-way valves inside that allow water to come in the bottom.

They would work by utilizing floats at the top of each straw that cause them to rise with the crest of waves, pulling the water inside up with them.

Then when the straw falls back down with the trough of the wave the water inside is forced out of the top. This would reduce water temperature and as a result reduce the power of an oncoming tropical storm.

These pumps would be possible to manufacture, maintain, and operate within a realistic budget. They could be designed with the ability to be turned on and off simply, and be coated in a noncorrosive material such as copper.

And most importantly could be placed in a very large web like grids that would provide support, prevent collisions, and could be deconstructed and moved either one by one or towed in sections.

Please let me know what you think! Thanks, Matt

The Revolution Theory

First of all, I will ask you on how and why does the planet revolved around its surface even without any source of power to make it work?

Maybe you will say that its because of its natural rotation… But for me it has a proper definition.

In the first part we will discuss how the planet formed…

It is formed by a large masses of gas formed like a cloud on the galaxy.  It is so on called a nebula, inside that gas has a different kinds of elements to form a new substance.

After the planet was formed it will be throw out to the different dimensions to the solar systems which they will rely.

Did you know that there is a friction, that occurs even without gravity?

That friction is the reason why the planet revolved.

The very simple example revolution and rotation is simple as ::

  • Place a water in a cup
  • Stir it
  • You will notice that the water current continues rotating.

But because of gravity, it will stop.

In the galaxy there is no gravity that’s why the friction will continue forever. That’s the reason how and why does the planet revolved and rotate around its surface.

Thank you for reading my theory about revolution.


If you have two ships out on rough seas they will come closer to each other because of the waves they create them self’s…..what if gravity works similar to but with the movement of space.(Im 14 go easy on me)

Splitting Cells

Well, you know the way they found out that splitting atoms allowed us to harness the full extent of nuclear power?

What I was wondering was, could we split cells to find out the full extent of the human brain. Thoughts?

Dark Energy: What It Is & Where It Comes From

A Theory of Dark Energy, what it is and how it effects our evolving expanding Universe. I still do not know if I might be missing something or I forgotten a really important fact that could make this idea incorrect.

I want to post it up to see what kind of reactions I get from this idea/theory. What I think Dark Energy is, would be the lowest form of decayed particle or decayed energy/matter that the energy in (total that) our Universe can take. As it dilutes into space and in a sense has no where to go but into a very thin unusable patches of space, perhaps is the cause for it to stretch and expanded.

Think if you took just about a limitless amount of energy locked it into a very tiny volume and ignited it, what would be the natural effect if this volume is able to bend and stretch? I’m my mind the volume that locks this energy would inflate the amount of space due to the natural effects that time has with space.

As the energy ignites heats up and expands, more then likely all the anti-matter and matter interchanging at the time caused rapid particle decay and furthermore when quasar’s formed (I think every galaxy at some point in time was one) in the early Universe the huge energy given off from those decaying particles also took effect to the expansion of the universe.

So taking this concept of decaying particles and natural Entropy being seeds of Dark Energy, by looking out into space we can understand why we see the effects that we do. For instance why the Universe is expanding and the bigger mystery, why is it accelerating? When we look up into the night sky and see what kind of motion the galaxies are showing us, the reaction you get is that space is stretching allowing the distant galaxies to move faster the more distance they are from us.  

I think that it’s not space that’s causing itself to stretch the more distant we get, but in turn, the more stuff in between us and what were looking at in the distance, is the cause of the faster acceleration movement that we are detecting.  So Space isn’t causing space to accelerate and expand, but the amount of stuff diluting and decaying in between us and the object is the cause for acceleration expansion.  

It is a very simple idea and it does connect will all the data and effects that we see in all reaches of space (that I know of). So that is my theory of what Dark Energy is. It is not space causing space to stretch, but all the energy/matter/particles in the universe being used up and decaying between us and distance objects is what is causing the acceleration effect. (The more decay the faster it is) Distance galaxies are older then we can see, due to slow light travel, At this time those galaxies could be decaying faster then we can see, even though the galaxy my look young and new.

In reality they are older then our own Milky Way. Amount of decay increases with time and the more stuff u have decaying between you and another object determines that amount of new space being stretched.  

There can also be a distance where gravity starts to lose it grip because the amount of gravitation force is decreasing due to large amounts of energy/matter being used up. Large clusters of galaxies close enough will fall to one another due to gravity, but when your dealing with huge amounts of matter and huge distances, gravity isn’t a strong enough force to draw objects at these great distances together but the force of gravity is still influencing its effect, in other words the matter is still inverting gravity, but the material is so far apart that the overall decay(or all the fuel in stars being used up in total) is causing gravity to weaken the farther a large sum a matter gets from another large sum matter. So instead of gravity causing a pulling force, with huge distances combined with large amounts of decaying matter/energy or fuel being used up, cause’s large/huge clusters far from one another to accelerate away rather then slow from gravity.

This may be a way to test this expansion particle theory and it has to do with measuring the distance of galaxies and detecting the amount of quasar’s in a certain area of the sky.

For instance, locate an area in the sky that is dense with quasars. Then look(at the same distance) in the opposite direction located from it and same distance area to area of the sky that has much less quasar’s so there is two area’s of the sky equal distance’s apart from Earth.

Now if space is causing itself to stretch the same uniform way all threw out space then these galaxies with quasars compared to the opposite part of the sky with less quasars, being both at the same distance they should be moving at same speed being the same distance and giving space accelerates the same everywhere.  

Now if this test experiment is possible then after measuring the speeds of galaxies containing active galactic nuclei and comparing them to galaxies at the other end of space at the same distance and turn out to have different speeds, then that could be proof that this theory is correct, if the speeds are the same moving away from us at both distances, then the accelerating expansion is universally uniform all throughout space/time and this test idea is no good.  

Now if the speeds of the galaxies with quasars are moving at a faster speed compare to galaxies without quasars opposite to the position of the sky, it would be safe to say this Idea/Theory is correct, due to more rapid decay of particles is causing space/time itself to expand faster. (This quasar speed test still has not been carried out).

There is another possible way to test the decay of particles and conclude It is the reaction that any form of particle has to the volume within and around the space in witch it occupies.

For instance, take any metal, gas, liquid, or particle and completely contain It and the reaction over time should be the same for each and every one. They all should preform some sort of evaporation proccess and cause an expanding pressure. In

Conclusion this would also be proof of the decay of particles(example: entropy) is resulting to the Dark Energy that Mankind has recently discovered. In addition this could also be a cause for Alan Guths theory of inflation, by imagining in the early Universe when the black holes were forming and there was lots of quasars, prior all matter/anti-matter interchanging just after the moment of creation, hyper decay of particles everywhere in the Universe would ignite a rapid inflation.

The Uniform Factors of Dark Energy:

Uniform Singularity starting point
Uniform non-creating non-destroy-able Energy
Uniform Temperature
Uniform Particle Decay and Energy being used up,
Uniform Space/time Accelerating Expansion.

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